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A small room with new drywall and drywall tape, facing a bright window
A high ceiling white wall with lots of large windows
A room and wide ceiling with new, finished drywall
A bright white, newly drywalled room, with unfinished holes in the ceiling for light fixtures and a rounded entryway.
An empty, newly drywalled room with windows on one side and a gray hardwood flooring.
A large school gym
A drywall job in a living room in process. The walls have been carefully masked (covered) with plastic sheeting and the ceiling's drywall is done, but untextured.
A bathroom with new, finished drywall between the shower and door
A hallway leading to a kitchen with masked (covered) floors and walls, with pristine new drywall on the ceiling.
A large kitchen area  with masked (covered) floors, countertops, and walls, with pristine new drywall on the ceiling and unfinished holes for light fixtures.
A small room, with a door and newly finished drywall and drywall tape, but no texture.
Spray drywall texture after being painted over
A newly drywalled room, looking out a wall of newly installed windows
An in-progress drywall project in a living room with one wall of large windows. The room's drywall sheets have been hung and taped, but not yet textured.
A large home entryway with overlooking banister. All walls and banisters have been masked( covered) with plastic sheeting, and drywall scaffolding sits in the center of the room.
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